BIO 230 - Probability Theory and Applications I


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Lab # Topics Handouts Solutions
1 Foundations of Probability Theory Lab 1.pdf Lab 1 Solutions.pdf
2 Random Variables and Transformations Lab 2.pdf Lab 2 Solutions.pdf
3 Expectations, Integral Transforms, Generating Functions Lab 3.pdf Lab 3 Solutions.pdf
4 Problem Solving with Probability Distributions Lab 4.pdf Lab 4 Solutions.pdf
5 Exponential Families, Inequalities, Multivariate RV Lab 5.pdf Lab 5 Solutions.pdf
6 More on Multivariate RV Lab 6.pdf Lab 6 Solutions.pdf
7 Linear Algebra and Inequalities for Probability Lab 7.pdf Lab 7 Solutions.pdf
8 Sampling Theory and Multivariate Transformations Lab 8.pdf Lab 8 Solutions.pdf
9 Convergence of Random Variables Lab 9.pdf Lab 9 Solutions.pdf
10 Law of Large Numbers, Central Limit Theorem Lab 10.pdf Lab 10 Solutions.pdf
11 Stochastic Processes Lab 11.pdf Lab 11 Solutions.pdf
12 Final Practice Final Practice